Camille Miskin, CSW

Death Doula, EOL Educator, and licensed Grief counselor

About me

Why did I become a death doula?

While studying sociology at the University of Arizona, I took a class from a Harvard theologist who was working as a chaplain in the local emergency room. She opened my mind to the intersection of society, culture, religion, and death. Around the same time, I discovered Alua Arthur and her pioneering work as a death doula. Immediately, I felt a calm certainty that I was meant to become a death worker. I went on to get a masters degree in social work which allowed me to work as a hospice social worker; this cemented my passion. I have been working with traumatic grief and loss clients as a private practice therapist in Davis County, UT since 2021.

What does a death doula do?

"A death doula offers non-medical and holistic care for the dying person, their circle of support and the community through the process" - Alua Arthur

This support can be unique as your situation is,

I meet clients where they are! You're not meant to do this alone.

CE's A to D Categories of Care

Tax Preparation
Man dying in hospital
Dying senior man and his wife
An Elderly Man and a Woman Expressing Grief and Sorrow





Accept prognosis that signals decline has begun

Post-death care: disposition, bereavement and probate

Get your affairs in order, make wishes known

Actively dying, death is imminent

  • Sitting Vigil
  • Music and touch
  • Energy work
  • Rituals of connection
  • Anticipatory grief and caregiver support
  • Create Living Will
  • Select POA/Proxy
  • Collect/organize documents
  • Ritual and Legacy building
  • Discuss EOL plans
  • Solidify EOL plans
  • Share rituals and memories
  • Emotional preparations
  • Ritual and Legacy building
  • Caregiver support
  • Attend to 'words unsaid'
  • Bereavement Support
  • Probate Process
  • Legacy projects & mourning in action

Complete List of Services & Offerings:

  • Grief support (including anticipatory grief and caregiver burnout)
  • End of life ('most ideal death') planning (i.e. Advanced Directives assistance)
  • Death informed, value aligned workshops (group, business or family settings)
  • Collaboration with funeral homes, nursing homes, and hospice companies
  • Sitting vigil with dying person and their circle of support (comforting presence)
  • Emotional distress support related to grief and the dying process
  • Legacy building and meaning exploration (pre or post death)
  • Probate process and bereavement assistance (post-death care)
  • Animal death and grief support
  • Nondenominational belief/religious/spiritual support
  • Reiki energy work (optional and included only when requested


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